One o one


Chorégraphe : Peter Metelnick
Description : Line dance, 32 temps, 4 murs
Niveau : Débutant
Musique : Long Trail Of Tears by George Ducas [114 bpm Polka / CD:
Where I Stand ]
Imitation Of Love by Jack Ingram [141 bpm ECS/CD: Livin' Or Dyin']
Losin' End by Lisa Erskine
Autres suggestions :
“I Feel Lucky” by Jette Torp (DVD “The Line Dance Way”)
“That's What I Get” by BR5-49 CD: Tangled in the Pines [152 bpm]
“Bigger Windows” by Terri Clark CD: Life goes on
“Bob Wills Song” by Todd Fritsch CD: Todd Fritsch
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